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Made to Order
All of our textiles are printed to order. Therefore, our fabric is classified as a bespoke item since that specific length has been printed and cut especially for you. All sales are final, so please check all details of your order like measurements, dimensions, product features, and color choice prior to ordering. We place the highest importance on supplying all orders correctly, so be sure to inspect all wallpaper prior to cutting. No exchanges can be given once goods have been cut, treated or altered in any way.

Whole-Foot Increments
Unlike traditional single or double rolls, all of our individual wallpaper rolls are 24” wide and the length is customizable starting at 12 inches. We print in whole-foot increments, so if your wall is 8' 6" tall, be sure to order 9' long rolls. It can also be good to order slightly longer rolls in general, to ensure that any variations of architecture or slight differences in height can be compensated for.
Pattern Alignment
Due to the way our wallpaper must be produced, all designs are printed from the bottom up. All rolls of the same design will always match up along the bottom edge, but they may not match up along the top, depending on the size of the design and the lengths of rolls ordered. For example, a 5-foot roll and a 6-foot roll will likely not match up along the top edge. In order for each roll to match up along the top edge, all rolls will have to be ordered at the same length. If the height of your surface varies, we recommend ordering rolls to fit your largest dimension in order for the pattern to line up correctly.

When measuring your walls, remember to not include baseboards or crown molding in your measurements, but do include doors and windows. This will ensure that you have enough paper to cover the space without having to worry about matching repeats as you would if ordering shorter or longer rolls for these areas. Please see our pdf for further instructions, and feel free to email hello@luliewallace.com with any questions you may have.



Measuring Guide

Installation Instructions